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 ...to Jason lift machinery Co., We develop and deliver service solutions to support the products we sell and the success of the customers we serve.
   Jason lift machinery CO., are dedicated to providing the highest quality lift series at the most competitive prices in the market place, passing on the savings made by running an efficient and effective operation, so you get the right tool at the right price. That's why Jason are the number one choice for thousands of merchants, retailers and tool users in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa and the world.
    Working with us, Jason lift co., can provide you,

►    In-time response to your order status, complaints and all other inquiries.
►    Good quality goods with competitive price by strict internal Quality control and management innovation
►    Offer you on time delivery and satisfactory after-sale services..
►    You can call or speak to our customer service supervisor directly  From Monday to Friday 8:30am~18:00 at +86-188-68715511, or fax us +86 51266709733.

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